Monday, October 17, 2011

I Say A Little Prayer...

Hand in hand as we walk on wet sand
We stand and watch as the sun goes down
I come closer put my head on your shoulder

I say a little prayer, hope we gaze this forever

As the first ray of sun clears the morning dew
I open my eyes look at your face feel so anew
I come closer as I kiss your forehead

I say a little prayer; hope I glance like this forever 

As my breathe touches your skin with a morning kiss
you look into my eyes and pull me closer in your arms
I feel warm and cozy, like my world around

I say a little prayer; hope I stay in your arms like this forever

I’m here to devote, I pledge to love you unconditionally
I’m yours in times of joy and in times of sorrow
I’m here to respect you, encourage you, to cherish you
I want to live my life with you together for all eternity.
I say a little prayer; we stay together throughout the seasons of life.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Living a life alone under the grey sky
following dark shadows leading to nowhere
you stride into my life you open the curtains
you brighten my days you brighten my life

you hold my hand, you lift me high
you look in my eyes you whisper in my ear
you mesmerized me, silence between us  
you wait for a moment and start to walk

I hold your hand I look in your eyes
my eyes show you a picture where
I was so scattered and shattered
you enter in my life yo put me into pieces

you wipe my tears you put smile on my face
I want to live my whole life with you
I want to devote my love and life to you
What tomorrow will bring I want to face with you

The breath I’m holding I want to take it with you
I want to live with you and I want to die for you
Take me in your arm that’s my only place to live
my only world exists in you where I belong now and forever…

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Wipe the tears, toss the fears,
Spread a smile, bestow happiness,
Our anger flares to violence;
Yet we demand justice,
This world is a theater where we are cast
Play a role of humanity…

Sense the right not the wrong
Judge the right not the wrong
Help the poor, banish malice
Disperse the darkness and raise the sun
This world is a theater where we are cast
Play a role of humanity..

Give the courage, confer esteem
Slash pessimism, revamp optimism
Hold hands together stand unite 
Show moral justice, spread the aroma of love
This world is a theater where we are cast
Play a role of humanity..

Monday, August 15, 2011

Just Think Of Me Once..

If you decide to leave me behind and go on further
Then just look once behind and think of my love
That love and affection and those prayers I pray for you

Just once think of those letters which I wrote you each day
In which all my feelings, emotions and sentiments are hidden
Just think of that heart of mine in which each beat you are in

Just think of that smile which brings a glow on my face
When someone says your name in front and blushed me
Just think of my days in which each moment your memories are in

Think of my nights and those dreams in which you are every night
My soul which is related with yours just once think of that relation
My each breathe which have your name on think of that once

I have one request, a request from this innocent heart to you
Just think of my devotion and affection between us
But never think and bring the distance between us..

I Cry My Tears...

I cry my tears for what I got and lose today in life
I lose the most and get a little from my whole life
I heard people say never run after your love it will hurt
I ignore and run to capture him and make my love pert

I now realize they were right I was wrong I am far further
I thought I’ll go after he’ll be mine and we’ll be together
My love is no more mine but I’m his and still on the lane
I’m empty handed as I was yesterday I am still here again

I cry now my tears for what was wrong in me for him
Why I couldn’t win his heart and love why it goes dim
He’s mine he said so but what went wrong what’s the fear
I cry aloud, the world heard but he couldn’t saw my tear

He hurt me so dreadful that I am in the middle of no where
He made me cry and it hurts me so bad it’s hard to bear
But one day he will regret for what he did to my heart
When I’ll ask him to repay my tears which made me apart.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I step out the boat, I love the cold water
I feel the gentle wind, I smell the wet sand
I start walking to the island; I feel the magic in the air
I spread my arms, I take a deep breath
I can feel you, I can sense you,
Standing on this island I will linger there for you
Once I see your shadow coming from behind
I will turn around and will hold you in my arms
Under the dark sky of shinning stars and the moon light
You can gaze the beauty of the deep blue eyes
Where I can feel the strength of your love
We will close our eyes to feel each ones heart
Where we can travel into each ones soul
That’s when we will discover love on island
We will grow old on this island where we met first
Where we discover love and we name it “Love Island”,
I feel the change in the weather and aroma in the air
We share the mirth, we share the glee
We will sit under the blue sky in front of the deep blue sea
As I take a deep breath I feel a free soul
I put my head upon your shoulder
As I am yours and you are mine, forever on this love island.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

P.S I Love You...

Your love is my addiction, so pure, so precious, so priceless and so endless
You touch my inner soul so deep that I change my outer world for you
There is no escape from love, if you’ll  run... this flee is worthless
I’m not asking heaven from you what I’m asking is love from you

If my love is connected to your heart then my soul is connected to you

I need to need you; I want to want you, hold me now and forever
Hold my hand, feel the spark, feel the rhythm I’m your real lover
You are my soul mate, a true spirit I met, the right key to my heart

In the mirror I see a reflection of your alluring devotion
The brightness in my eyes travels through your eyesI built this life around you, my world revolves around youPlease always walk with me but never walk away from me

You will get true
devotion from me but never filch away from me You convey true meaning of love, you show me true essence of life
If this is a dream I’m dreaming then let me dream don’t wake me up
But if this is factual, then love me eternally and I am ceaselessly yours…